Screaming Demons of the Dark

I really don’t know if these evil screeching creatures are everywhere or if we’re just lucky here in the heartland. If we are the only ones that get the pleasure of having their ear pierceing beautiful song as the background to our perfect summer evenings I cry Not Fair!

If you haven’t had the chance to experience being around one of these little demons let me sum up the experience. You’re having a great time enjoying the lovely August evening when you notice the quiet chirp of a cricket. It lends to the evening nicely. When quite suddenly the quiet chirp turns into a sound reminiscent to an angry bird. If the noise wasn’t enough to convince you that it is time to go inside you now must know that these things are the size of a large cockroach and fly blindly through the air. You haven’t experienced a Midwestern summer until you’ve been pelted with one of these bad boys!

If these aren’t specific to this part of the nation then you feel my pain and can appreciate my bruises. If they are only found here please feel free to have a visit! They are very lovely beasts!


One thought on “Screaming Demons of the Dark

  1. They are elsewhere. I never heard them when i lived in the north east, but they do reside in canada but are the smaller (higher pitched) redish sort. We saw a swarm of the 15 year variety there when i was a kid, it was awesome (talk about pelting!).

    Anyone that grew up in the midwest to indian summer days of cicadas singing will miss them when they’re removed trust me. Nothing says fall is soon better than that load drone. I was very fond of the rare late summer visits when I came back to Kansas. The only other thing I ever missed was seeing stars in the sky, big cities don’t need those, and bugs other than roaches don’t seem to venture where there are mcmansions or giant cities.

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