T-town and a musical

I can thank dear ol’ Dad for letting me exprience life in different parts of the country growing up.  At the time it was absolutely devistating to have to move accross several states and start over.  However hindsight shows that it really has helped me learn how to deal with change.  With all of the places we lived Topeka still seems like home. 


I spent a good portion of the weekend in Topeka.  Got to see some old friends that I haven’t seen in quite a while.  I also had some nice girl time with my mom and little sister.

We went to see the movie Momma Mia.  I really wasn’t thrilled about this.  It seemed silly to me but it was mom’s choice so we went.  I really was surprised at how good this movie was.  If you can stand to watch a movie with a bunch of singing white hairs in the audience I suggest a theatre visit.  Otherwise maybe you should wait for the dvd.

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