Economic Crunch: Outing Ideas

Like everyone R and I have felt the pressure of these tough economic times.  But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things we can do to have fun and not spend a ton.  Here’s just a few of the wonderful finds that the metro has to offer.

1.The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art– This really is a lovely museum to get lost in.  It’s totally free and no matter what kind of art you are drawn to you will find tons of things to catch your eye.  People watching is especially nice in their garden dining room.  For the cost of a cup of tea this place will really keep me occupied for most of a day.


2. Union Station– This is another fantastic people watching location.  The architecture is amazing inside.  There are several museums inside.  One is a location for exhibits that travel the nation so it changes several times a year.  Some of the exhibits can get pricey but there are usually coupons online that make it a much better deal.

3. Crown Center– There is a catwalk from Union Station to Crown Center so there’s no extra gas used there!  Crown Center is a nice indoor shopping area.  There are also some stage theatres, movies, and places just for kids to play and explore.  My favorite is the Crayola Cafe!  Any time you are not just allowed but encouraged to color on the placemats is just too much fun.  Have you ever seen four adults coloring away and concentrating on it enough to not notice the waitress standing next to the table with food?  Just ask K and Silent Bob about that. 

4. Hallmark Gold Crown Tour– Although I haven’t had the chance to actually see this one I’ve attempted to go several times.  Having failed to remember that they do have business hours and I can’t just drop by when I’m ready.  I really want to see it though.

5. KC Zoo– What trip is complete without a trip to the zoo?  The tickets are kind of steep but for $10 it’s an entire day of fun.  Also remember that you can always pack a nice picnic so you don’t have to pay the crazy food prices inside the zoo.


If you know of any others please share! I’m always looking for more places to hide for cheap!


One thought on “Economic Crunch: Outing Ideas

  1. Legends Shopping Center is another great place to people watch. The fountain in front of the Theater is a great place to park it with a coffee from Scooters. (conveniently located right next to the theater) Trust me – you get all kinds at the Legends, from JO the OH NO =)

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