A Nice Quiet Breakfast at Home?

I really love federal holidays.  Long weekends are great for relaxing and recharging.  Having already awoken to the sounds that only a coon hound can make when he really needs out I decided to make some breakfast for R to wake up to.  I haven’t made oatmeal muffins in quite a long time so out comes the recipe book.  I have the batter all ready and I’m just finishing cleaning up (the oven isn’t quite up to temp yet) when I hear R’s phone go off.  He answers in his business voice so I know it’s not going to be a quiet day at home.  Nope!  Someone has left their car in the middle of a street going the wrong way.  Looks like someone has started the Labor Day drinking a few days ago!  Oh well.  As he runs out the door he asks me if I’m still planning on going to the shop to wash the girls.  Of course!  I just love washing creatures that outweigh me by a hundred pounds!  At least the muffins were a consolation prize.  So tasty!

Fluffy Oatmeal Goodness
Fluffy Oatmeal Goodness

So I’m off now to wash the babies and deliver some of the yummy muffins to my dear overworked husband!  Have a great Labor Day!


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