My Sweet Surprise

It may be a surprise to the world that R really doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body.  I knew this when I married him and it really only bothers me when V-day comes around.  I would be fine with this if I didn’t have to see so many other people with deliveries of flowers and chocolates (one even had a jewelry box attached last year).  The other day he really took me by surprise.

I have started taking classes online.  This is difficult for a few reasons.  1) We only have dial up.  2) I’m taking chemistry.  3) My laptop is almost six years old and has some kind of poltergeist living in it.  R has been collecting computers from various places.  Most have just landed in our basement for tinkering with later.  I came home the other day to find this sitting on my desk.

My new workspace

My new workspace

I was so shocked.  Now if you can’t tell the screen saver that he programed says “I love you V”.  So sweet!  He doesn’t surprise me often but when he does it’s fantastic.  I almost cried.  We still have dial up and it’s still a chemestry class but at least I have a real computer of my own now and it’s ghost free (for the moment).

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