A Surprise!

I hate surprises and I’m rarely very good at keeping them if they’re not super important.  I’ve got something a’brewin but can’t show you anything for about a week.  Check back to see!  Here’s a hint.

Here’s the surprise!

(Yes, I know it’s been longer than a week but it wasn’t right yet)

For those that might be confused about the hint it is because I got this one at Dragonfly Tattoo in KCK.  I love getting poked by my favorite fat man Clint!  He really is the best.  This is the second tattoo that he’s done for me.  He’s also the one that pierced my nose.  Really, go to him for anything you need.  I gave him and basic idea and he went with it.  I could not be happier with how it turned out.

If you don’t know about Kokopelli look him up.  If you do know about him let’s hope he helps!

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