Crazy Addictive

Yes, I’m answering phone calls all day now.  Yes, there is too much some down time.  Of course the bosses that be look down upon mindless net surfing.  Enter my new favorite site.  Big Huge Thesaurus has blog post ideas.  Now mind you this isn’t strictly for blogs.  This makes for some funny thoughts in my already goofy mind.  Some examples.

  • What would people think if they went through your garbage?
  • Write an hourly journal for not less than 24 hours.
  • Write about something that you wish other people would quit talking about.
  • Write about your best mistake.
  • Compare your family and friends to characters in your favorite novel.

With the press of a button it reloads a new set of suggestions.  Ok, some are lame but some are quite entertaining.



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