I Remember


As you may know Uncle Sam signs my paychecks.  I have the privilege and honor to serve our nation’s best.   The veterans that I have encountered have left quite an impression on me.  Every day I notice more and more people in the hospital that are around my age.  With the vast majority of patients in their sixties or older the younger ones stand out.  We have had many Saturdays that we’ve worked just so that all of the service men and women coming home can get into see someone.  Looking back on the tragedy of 9/11 I remember how many people I knew that were touched by the events.  I want to take a moment to say publicly that no matter what your thoughts on the war please support and be proud of those that fight it.  It is for you that they are shipped across the world.  It is for you that they miss their families.  It is for you that they are stuck in a desert with a people that are not their own.  I am honored to serve those that served.  I support our troops.

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