Loving This!

I am a hopeless collector of notebooks.  All kinds.  I’ve got very nice spiral books as well as lovely journals.  I have old ones that are filled with silly English class writing assignments that were once brilliant.  I have all kinds of mostly empty books.  I have always tried to be that person.  You know the kind of person that always has a binder of lists and assorted date book entries.  I have never been that person.  I’m not saying that I haven’t tried.  I have tried desperately to find that person inside me.  I’m afraid that I’m so very right brain driven it’s not funny.  I have a new goal.  I know I will never be the uber-organized to-do list date book toting person.  I can, however, be the slightly contained scatter brained person I know that I truly am.  I have found my totally unorganized mate in my least used Moleskine Notebook.

This thing goes everywhere with me.  I jot down all kinds of things.  Books I want to read, books I’ve read in a series (hate reading the same book and not knowing it), recipes, dreams, ideas, grocery lists.  Anything and everything really!  I do try to keep it slightly organized with page numbers and a list in the back few pages of what is located where but that’s about as organized as I can get I’m afraid.

There is a pocket in the back that I like to carry post it notes, note cards, and a spare $20 for emergencies.  There’s been several times that I’ve parked in a lot and not realized I didn’t have any cash for the exit.

Because of the way the book is bound it lays perfectly flat making writing in it super easy.  Remember back to the Indiana Jones movie where Indy was chasing around his father’s notebook?  THAT was a Moleskine.  I really like the elastic band that keeps it closed.  No matter what bag I’m carrying this does the trick to keep it nice and neat.  I’ve haven’t lost anything out of it yet!  Now if I could just figure out the best way to keep a pen handy…

2 thoughts on “Loving This!

  1. I have solved the pen dilema! I super-glued (I love that stuff) a section of elastic to the inside bottom of the front cover. Works great!

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