Pet Peeves

We all have things that bother us about the rest of society.  Some of mine are probably the same as yours but everyone has their own unique issues.  Here’s my Top Ten Pet Peeves in no particular order.

  1. The word Italian.  Really, why do people say it eye-talian?  Do Italian people come from a country named Eyetally?  No!  It’s Italian.  The first letter sounds like the i in pit.  Come on!
  2. Since we’re talking about pronunciations there is the word wash.  Let’s make this clear.  THERE IS NOT A LETTER R IN THE WHOLE WORD!  DO NOT PUT ONE THERE!  It’s not spelled worsh so don’t say it like it is!
  3. The ever present toilet paper debate.  I’m all for the paper end going over and not under.  No reasoning really.  Sorry to disappoint.
  4. I love books.  Going to a library is a calming experience for me.  I love finding a new book and taking it home so that I may lose myself in it’s pages.  Opening it to find that someone has written all over the pages makes me want to reinstate public floggings.  It’s not your book!  Don’t write in it!  Some books like text books I understand writing in (if you own them).  Novels?  NO!
  5. Public manners have died.  Library etiquette is extinct.  What makes a person think that it is perfectly acceptable to talk shout into their cellphone while in a library escapes me.  Is being quiet that hard of a task?
  6. We all have our own personal bubble.  If I’m not intimate with you please don’t step inside my bubble.  The grocery check out line is usually a pretty good example of this.  Do I really need another adult standing so close our shoulders touch while I pay for my purchases?
  7. Music is relaxing.  It can create a nice atmosphere in a restaurant.  I just don’t understand how more and more restaurants feel it necessary to blast their dining spaces with loud music.  If I wanted to go to a concert to rupture an ear drum I would have bought a ticket.  Thanks.
  8. I don’t smoke.  Never have.  Almost all of my friends smoke.  I really don’t understand the phrase “It’s my right to smoke.”  Ok, may I counter with “it’s my right not to breathe your smoke?”  Just checking.
  9. I have tattoos.  Many more than most people.  Like most people that have tattoos I like to show mine off.  When I’m asked to show one of my tattoos to someone why is it that they feel the need to ask me if it hurt?  Let’s see, the needles shove ink into my skin by stabbing me thousands of times?  YES, YOU IDIOT IT HURTS!
  10. When people meet for the first time they typically shake hands.  I really love when a man is introduced to R and myself and he only goes to shake R’s hand.  Explain that to me.  I’m a human too.  Don’t just shake my husband’s hand and say hello to me.  That’s rude.  And for those that actually do shake my hand don’t give me that pansy weak grip!  My grandfather taught me to shake hands.  If you shake a person’s hand do it like you mean it.  Not too loose and not too tight.  Practice this people!


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