Where Have YOU Been?!?

Call it being a snob or just plain ignorant I don’t care.  I have found my new favorite store.  I’ve seen these stores around but can’t ever remember going into one.  I’m a good ‘ol fashioned Hen House kinda girl.  Until it comes to having to squeeze out grocery money out of an already drained bank account.  No, it’s not from all of those Jimmy Choo’s I happen to own either!  Wow, that almost sounded like it could be true.  Gotta love the ever rising gas prices!  I mean really, when did I start making four gallons of gas an hour?  Where was I?  Oh, yes!

Step 1: Prep work

I am an over planner.  I hate being surprised by things that could have been accounted for.  So I did my research.  What better way to find out about the enemy new adventure than their website?  There were several very important things to learn from their site.

  1. Bring a quarter for the shopping cart (more on this in a moment)
  2. Bring your own grocery bags if you don’t want to pay a small amount for their bags.
  3. Remember that they do have mostly store brand items with a double guarantee.  (Not happy?  Get your money back AND get the national brand free)
  4. Remember you have to bag your own items off to the side of the store when you’re done paying.

Step 2: Shopping experience

Remember that quarter I told you about?  It really does have to be a quarter.  Not two dimes and a nickel.  One quarter.  Why?  Well Aldi’s thought is that they save you money by making you do all the work not having staff on hand that do the little things for you.  If you want someone to walk your cart to the car do not come here!

So you place your quarter into the front slot on the black box that sits on the top of the cart handle.  As you place your quarter in the red connector comes out and you can release your cart.  When you are done shopping you place your cart back in the corral, replace the red cord, and get your quarter back for use next time.  It really is ingenious.

Now, brace yourself for this one, there aren’t any real shelves in this store.  Most of their items are lined up on pallets like at Sams or Costco.  This really didn’t bother me at all.  I found the selection of items quite surprising really.  Lots of different things to choose from.  I had a particular reason to go this time.  I volunteered to bring chips to my godson’s first birthday party.  Now I really can’t deal with paying $8 and only getting two bags of chips.  So I found over a dozen different kinds of chips all for less than about $2.  I couldn’t help myself after seeing these prices.  I found that their milk was less than $2 a gallon.  I have seen it at my normal grocery store for $3-4 a gallon.  So this was a great find!

Please forgive the smudges.  R had some bacon grease on his fingers when I showed him how much I saved.

Now, for the best part… everyone there was really really nice.  Not just the few people there that were actually working.  Other patrons as well!  For example, I went just after work (about 6:00).  By the time I was done and ready to get in line to check out there were only two cashiers and about 8 people in each line.  Not a single person was complaining!  Ok, maybe that was just a strange occurance but on a Monday?  I don’t know.

The next thing that struck me as neat was when I went to return the cart and get my quarter back from it’s little plastic jaws.  I was standing waiting my turn behind a young man who was putting his cart up when a woman (close to my age I would say) asked me if she could have my cart.  My first thought was No way lady I want my quarter back! Only then did I realize she had a quarter in her hand and was trying to give it to me with a smile.  I saw this happen when I went in but didn’t think anything of it.

So not only does this store save me a huge amount of money on everyday (very tasty) items the people there don’t have that same whiskey-tango wallmart trash attitude.  Did I mention that this store was getting rather deep into the I-don’t-really-speak-english-too-well-can’t-exactly-keep-my-pants-at-my-waist area of the metro?  Yah.  I’m definatley going back.


2 thoughts on “Where Have YOU Been?!?

  1. I seriously can’t believe it’s taken you so long to discover the joys of Aldi’s! Grandma used to take me and JS there when we were little and we would fight over who got to put the quarter in the cart. (I so won all the time!)
    It’s a great place! Did you get the cheddar burgers? (so nummy!)

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