A Lesson to be Learned by All

I don’t work in the safest of places.  Because of this I call R as I walk out to the car every night.  Last night was no exception.  He had plans on going to his uncle’s house after work so he could make a holster for his pistol.  Little did I know that the simple question “Have you gone to your uncle’s house yet?” would cause such a problem for dear R.  As he was walking into helmart he answered me with “I’ve got the gun with me so I might as well.”  Yah, the next thing he knows he’s hearing someone say “that’s him right there.”  Enter Bonner’s finest.

After several minutes of questioning and emptying of pockets all was well.  The police were quite unhappy that the lady that overheard R’s conversation with me told them that she actually saw a gun.  Go figure.  Now that’s a lesson we can all learn from… Don’t laugh in the face of a man that just had to convince some cops that he’s not a crazy maniac.


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