I Need Your Help.

I have just given up.  Yes, it takes a lot to get stubborn me to say that.  I’ve just walked away from about two hours of blog jumping with nothing to show.  I was looking for other blogs that I would like to follow.  I’ve got quite a list going on my google reader.  Most of which are food related (I only try recipes that other people have raved about… it’s safer for all involved).  I  don’t think I was asking to find something that didn’t exist.  Here’s what I was looking for.

  1. No “countdown to the Big Day” blogs (or those that are still basking in the wedding day/honeymoon glory for that matter).
  2. No here’s-the-top-10000000-reasons-MY-baby-is-so-much-better/smarter/cuter-than-your-baby blogs.
  3. No blogs from people that have everything they want (“what do you mean you live paycheck to paycheck?”).
  4. No blogs about how to find the latest celebrity trends.  Sorry folks, I don’t care.

Now, I could be asking for too much I know.  But surely there’s SOMEONE out there that isn’t blogging about looking fab in her latest Gucci purchase while meeting with her designers for the new baby’s room since after all the best kids are conceived during the honeymoon.  If you know of a site you think is worthy PLEASE pass it my way will’ya?


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