RenFest Finds

My friends and I went to the Renaissance Festival this weekend.  It was everything I remember it being.  If you’ve never experienced going to a renfest know that it is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list.  Now granted, it was the typical day out.  Verging on hot (at least there wasn’t any rain), lots of people (ok it IS also race weekend), and can be expensive if you let it.  I was really happy to have found Freyja’s yulle present there so that was a great find!

The shows were as entertaining as ever!  The one show that J and I really didn’t want to miss was The Jolly Rogers show.  This is a group of five guys and pure fun.  They sing, play guitar, joke around (sometimes risque), and dance.  I highly suggest anyone attending the festival seek their shows out.  You won’t be dissappointed.  Afterall, how can you not like a guy in tights?

Being on a very tight budget I tried to keep the purchases down to under $40.  I succeeded!  Even with eating lunch there!  I found a really neat booth that presses pendants.  Copper or silver and you get to choose two designs (one for each side).  There were easily 50 designs to choose from not counting the letters.  Here’s the one that I had made.



There was also a booth called JerUSAlem Stone.  The stones that they have there all come from Jerusalem.  I found a necklace that I liked.  Good deal too.  They offered to etch my name on it.  I could have it done in English or Hebrew.  I went with the Hebrew.  I think it’s just beautiful.


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