Laughing in the Rain

First, no I’m not normal.  I don’t usually know where my umbrella is.  Very rarely use one.  I’ll let you in on a secret…. humans don’t melt in the rain. Ok, now for all of the smart asses out there.  Yes, I’m human.  There I said it.

I started out today in kind of a strange fog of sorts.  I didn’t have to go to work since I’m working Saturday.  I had a small list of things I needed to get done.  Grocery shopping, pay bills, do a quick write up for chem and submit it, sort through some clothing and donate what I can’t use, get my oil changed.  I like getting errands done during the week if I can.  It’s like I’m breaking some rule.  Almost like skipping but it’s well within the what-won’t-get-me-fired category.

Since R is the one that does all of my auto repair I figured I would see him first.  Ok, he asked me to drop by early in the day since they had some things going on in the shop and I did ask him to squeeze me in.  My first stop (after the bills and sorting of clothing) was Astralbody Dollar coffee place (c’mon you know it).  Only to find that in my rush of getting everything organized to leave the house that I forgot to eat.  Yes, it’s kind of like forgetting you have to pee.  It does happen.  I walked into the Target that this place is located (ok stop laughing.  I live in the boonies and we take what we can get) and figure I would order what I always hear one of my crazy family raving about.  I walked right up to the tiny woman in the green apron ten sizes too large for her dimunetive frame and ordered the smallest soy vanilla late and a huge pumpkin spice late.  It’s a good thing I got that pumpkin late too… the soy vanilla late had no flavor.  NONE!  Alright, $3 spent on warm milk-like thing.  Here’s the best part, as I’m putting my order in I try to find something in the case of food that could possibly take me until lunch time when I spy oatmeal.  Yes, plain jane oatmeal in java world.  Ok, I buy it.  It really has to be some kind of super tasty brand or something worthy of the green smiley lady on the bowl.  Nope, the barista opened a pack of (I am not making this up) Quaker plain instant oatmeal.  Then to top it off asked me what toppings I wanted.  Um, ok.  The display showed brown sugar, raisins, and nuts.  I opted for the brown sugar and nuts.  It didn’t taste too bad for plain oatmeal but really.  $3.  Lesson learned.

Off to the shop I go.  Oil change.  Check!  List of other things that need repair.  Check!  Oh well.  At least I got to show off my personal assistant talent.  I was asked to call a couple of companies that R is contractor for and play the “where’s my check” card.  It worked splendedly.  R couldn’t believe how fast I could get the answer he was looking for.  Finally, all that time following around state government officials pays off.

Next stop, the donation center.  Nevermind that sign that says they’re open Monday through Saturday 9am to 6pm for donations.  Nevermind that it’s Monday and only 3:00.  Apparently when you take charity you get to make your own hours.  So I still have three bags of clothes in the car.

Hellmart here I come!  Groceries were easy enough.  As painless as it gets I suppose.  At least until I go to leave the store.  I can’t see the cars in the lot it’s raining that hard.  F.U.N.  So, I say again, I don’t use an umbrella most of the time (now if there’s hail I’ll use it).  I’m not running.  I’m not even in a speed walk to the car.  Nope, slowly walking to the car.  Laughing the whole way.  Laughing enough that a lady actually felt the need to stop and ask me if I was alright.  Don’t know why the whole rushing around to get out of the rain croud stuck me as hyserical but it did.  Why run?  So what, you’re wet.  This is the modern era and we do have heaters and are fully capable of drying.  We won’t die from being rained upon.

Once in the car I decided we were going to have some of the take and bake pizza for supper.  Which was fine until I found out that my oven decided to die.  Yah, did I mention that I had called Button and Mr Button over to share said pizza?  Yah.  Figures.  So strangely enough laughing in the rain was the highlight of the day.  Even more strange is that the next time it rains I’m going to try to do it again.  It was rather freeing in a soggy kind of way.


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