Kitchen Challenge


Last weekend I found out that my oven has died.  Of course it’s the big oven and of course it was when I was about to put in the most delicious looking double crusted Papa Murphys pizza for dinner with friends.  I say big oven because not only do I have the normal oven that’s part of the stove I also have my favorite toaster oven.  Since it’s just the two of us the toaster oven gets a bit of use.  I just hate firing up the big one if all I’m making is a little meat loaf.  However it’s when you can’t use something that you realize just how much you miss it.

Being the Mr Fixit that R is he disassembled the stove in order to find out what was wrong with it.  It’s supposed to be gas but we couldn’t even get it to light manually.  Not a good sign.  I figured that if it was something simple then we would just fix it (ok HE would just fix it).  Since he said that to diagnose it he needed some of his meters from work I decided to skip the fix it ourself stuff and go to the easier plan B.  Call the home warranty company and put it to use.  We’ve been in this house for about two and a half years now and the warranty has purchased us a very lovely new refrigerator in that time.  I look up the company info to call them and notice an expiration date of 3/08.  I start to dial…. WAIT!  3 of 08…. March of THIS YEAR?!?  It really didn’t seem all that long ago that we paid the $500 to renew this plan for another year.  Only after I double checked that it was indeed 2008 did I freak out.  Don’t even pretend that you don’t sometimes forget what year it is.  I know I’m not the only one here. Money is so tight I don’t know how I can possibly afford a repair man.

Enter our friends.  Here are my thoughts… I have a $20 pizza that I just bought and now CAN’T COOK… maybe I can slice the raw pizza into smaller pieces and cook it in the toaster oven… maybe that will work…. maybe not…. what will I feed everyone?  Button and I decided that she and I would go pick up a pizza (already cooked) and I would trade her the one that I bought.  Deal.  Immediate crises averted.

The next day R brought home the meters that he needed to look into what was wrong.  After several hours and a few peeks at a wiring diagram it is decided that it is a part of our electric display not relaying the info to the oven that it needs to turn on.  According to the parts site this is about $70.  So until pay day we don’t have an oven (or stove).

This has been quite the challenge.  What to make for meals without using the stove or oven.  Using only the microwave, toaster oven, and various other small kitchen appliances how do you feed a small family?  I really wanted to start off with waffles but apparently R can’t survive if I make them for dinner at least that’s what he says.

Day 1:

Appliance- sandwich maker

Meal- Toasted ham and cheese with chips

Day 2:

Appliance- crock pot and microwave

Meal- roast with mashed potatoes

Day 3: (date night)

Dinner out

Day 4:

Appliance: Toaster oven

Meal: Salisbury steak

Day 5:

Appliance: Crock pot

Meal: Pulled pork sandwiches

Day 6:

Appliance: Toaster oven and microwave

Meal: Shake-n-bake chicken strips and green beans

Day 7:

Appliance: Toaster oven

Meal: Muffin mix in a loaf pan (muffin tin won’t fit in the toaster oven)

These turned out really well!  I was quite surprised.  I mixed the packaged muffin mix according to the directions.  Baked in the same temp oven for about 15 minutes.  Just like a really big muffin.  Easier clean up too.  Maybe this will be a new favorite method around here.  We’ll see.

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