Is it November Yet?

First, know that I don’t watch television.  It’s not a statement of any kind.  It’s as simple as we don’t get a signal where we live and we’re too cheap frugal to purchase cable.  So when people talk about the political issues I don’t know what most of them are talking about.  If I can’t find the information online I don’t know it unless it’s by way of overhearing other people’s opinion.

I don’t really know if I want to vote this year to be honest.  In past elections I’ve only voted to keep people out of office (didn’t work so well).  I don’t really think that any one person can fix things.  Not to mention that I’m pretty sure it’s the people surrounding the president that are the ones really in charge. 

I can tell you this for certain.  I hate the political phone calls.  I only really use the house phone line for internet (yes, we still use dial up) so my cell is what I use for everything.  Since I find myself suffering through the economic stress that everyone else is when I see my caller ID show up with an unknown phone number I tend to panic for a second.  My stomach tightens and I start going down the list of bills that I have just to make sure that everything is in line and paid.  After realizing that I have everything under control and all bills are up to date.  I answer the call only to find out that I’ve panicked for nothing!  It’s all of these political calls.

I can tell you one thing for certain.  I’m not voting for anyone that has called and pestered me.  I really don’t agree with that method.  Leave me alone to make up my mind about your candidate.  Call me multiple times a week and I can guarantee I will not vote for your candidate.  Not happening.

What do you all think about it?

2 thoughts on “Is it November Yet?

  1. I’m not voting in your poll simply because when they tell me they’ve “called to talk about the choices this election” I promptly tell them that I’m smart enough to make up my own mind and I don’t need anyone telling me what I should think just because they were rude enough to call and interrupt my very important life. I have no idea who has called me and who hasn’t. Great stress relief too. 🙂

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