Product Review: Fiber One Pancake Mix

This was totally an impulse buy at the store yesterday.  But, hey, it was on sale… $2 off!  I’m game.  I couldn’t wait to try these so as soon and R was out the door I started mixing the batter for waffles.  If you think it was wrong of me to wait until he let me remind you of this.  So there.

The mix is very much like Bisquick except that you don’t have to add any eggs.  2 cups of mix + 1 1/4 cups milk/water + 2 tablespoons oil = fantastic waffles.  Once I mixed everything together and started cooking the waffles the fist thing that hit me was how fantastic this smelled.  A very strong vanilla scent!  I usually add things to mixes but this time nothing!  Not a pinch of this or a drop of that… just the plain box mix.  I am really happy with the taste of these too.  Not grainy and if I didn’t already know that it was fiber filled I wouldn’t have any idea.  I guess they’re slogan “Cardboard no.  Delicious yes” really does sum it up.  I highly suggest everyone try these.  And lookey here!  A coupon offer for you (includes a free sample)!  Fiber One Pancake Mix absolutely gets my vote!

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