Fantastic Finds and the Salvation Army Store

I love rummaging through piles of mess to find a great deal on something I had no idea I needed.  Or as my husband likes to phrase it “spend and entire afternoon digging through someones garbage only to lug home useless stuff to clutter our home with.”  I like my wording better.  πŸ™‚

Today my mission was to drop off three bags of clothes that are no longer welcome in our home.  Since I’ve never been to this particular store I felt that I needed to scope out the place.  Don’t want to drop off items only to have them sit for years, right?  After wandering around to get the general feel of the layout I decided to do the responsible thing and walk the racks systematically.  Skip the kid clothes (not needed at this point but make a mental note that their kid section is huge), on to blankets (not bad but nothing I can’t live without), womens coats (nothing in my size that needed to be purchased), womens tops were lacking a bit so I skipped those, mens coats (SCORE!), womens jeans (DOUBLE SCORE!), household items (eclectic but good).

The mens coats were fantastic!  I found a nice medium weight windbreaker that I really believe has never been worn.  For a whole $3.15 this baby is mine!  Did I mention it’s a real brand name?  I almost never find those!

Now for the womens jeans.  I really hate when stores don’t sort their stock into sizes.  This store is guilty of doing just that.  I mean seriously who likes to go into a store and find that every piece of clothing is sorted in to color families?  I know my sizes and if I need a shirt or a pair of pants I will go to that section… hmmm nothing there?  Ok that would have saved about an hour of rummaging through their entire stock of jeans!  I only found two pairs that I liked.  I can’t use them just yet but I will some time soon.  Yes, that’s all you get on that you nosy little monkeys.  So two pairs of jeans for $3.15 each.  Just can’t beat that.

Until I found this…

This is the Republic of Tea Citizen’s Travel Tea Press.  Found here for $10 plus shipping.  At the thrift store… $1.05!  The bonus is that it still had the instructions with it.  Another probably-not-ever-used item.  If you’re unfamiliar with tea presses take a look at Angela McRae’s instructions page.  They really are the neatest things!

I believe that this was a pretty good trip to the thrift store.  I found several things that were needed AND got to donate three whole bags of clothes that will be added to the assinine color sorted racks very soon.


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