Don’t Get Your Hopes Up.

I really hate when people tell me not to get my hopes up.  It’s like by them saying that it makes it easier to not hope, wish, and want something.  “Oh well since you said so… I guess I’m ok with whatever happens.”  Yah right!

So, to all of those people who have ever said that to another person let me personally tell you to mind your own business.  If I choose to tell you something that I have my hopes set on feel honored!  Do not feel that by me sharing this information with you it is an open invitation for you to start spewing feel-good sayings at me!  Smile and nod knowing that I have just shared something very personal with you and you need to treat it as a gift.  Please DO NOT stomp on that gift as a child does a puddle.  KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

Thank you all for remembering this next time I decide to share a peek at a hope or two with you.

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