An Obsession, A Challenge, and a Prize

First, the obsession.  Tea.  I was looking for a specific tea in my cupboard when I realized that I have an unhealthy amount of tea.  No wonder R is always fussing when I bring home yet another box of leafy goodness.  Seriously.  I removed all the boxes of tea and as I organized them and put them away I wrote a list.  Six brands and a total of 14 boxes (I didn’t count the plain bags of tea for ice tea in the summer OR the second box of my ultimate fave).

Now, for the challenge.  I’ve been stumbling over posts here are there about the six-word memoir.  It really is neat.  Here’s some that caught my eye.

We honeymooned in California divorce court.

Ignorance is bliss. Genius is misery.

My stockbroker advised investing in goldfish.

Chocolate used to make life worthwhile.

Your challenge is to submit your own six word memoir.  The best submission gets a prize.  Hurry.  The deadline is 11:00am Veteran’s Day (11/11/08).  I will announce the winner that evening!

Get to writing people!  Now, I have to start scrounging up a prize.


4 thoughts on “An Obsession, A Challenge, and a Prize

  1. Here are a few favorites:

    Born; Clueless; Know-it-all; Epiphany; Forgot-it-all; Dead!

    My life is one perpetual Monday

    Most powerful force in life-Hormones

    And then my own personally made:

    found answer in scotch, lived content

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