Happy Anniversary!


Today is our anniversary.  Two years married and five years together!  So far the count goes something like this…

  • Dogs acquired- 2
  • Cats acquired- 1
  • Cats relinquished- 1
  • Fights- 0

Yes, that’s right folks.  NO fights.  I can only remember one relatively heated discussion.  I asked R and even HE said that there were no fights (he didn’t even remember the heated discussion).  All of this we are pretty proud of.  We attribute this to our sense of humor.  We both grew up in pretty goofy families.  The kinds of families where joking around relieved tensions.  People are just too serious!  Laugh, joke, and be merry!  I think that’s the secret of our happiness.


Thanks to the creative talents over at Sketched Out for the fantastic drawing!


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