Miss Me?

Here’s the short run down on the last week or so.  I had a lovely week off from work… didn’t get anything done that I wanted to really (lots of doctor appointments though), started last week with jury duty (a really great experience that I’ve never had before), Sunday I started a new addiction interest (I’ll get to that in a moment), I got my eval at work yesterday, today is turkey day (my sister is playing host this year), and I get to work tomorrow.

Now for my latest obsession interest…

No, not the movie.  I haven’t even seen a trailer for the movie yet.  In an amazing marathon of reading on Sunday I read all 498 pages in one sitting.  Button, I apologize for all of the teasing I give you for not reading “grown up” books.  This one really surprised me.

Only to follow with…

I felt it necessary to stretch this one out since I don’t have the rest of the series yet.  So this one was about 523 pages between Sunday and Monday then I had to follow up with the rest of the 40 or so pages on Tuesday.

Here’s where I need help.  I can’t find the third book anywhere and I don’t have the patience to wait for the mail if I order it online.  Does ANYONE have this book and may I borrow it for a few days?  Here’s the one I’m looking for.

When I say I can’t find it anywhere I mean I spent about 2 hours last night going from store to store.  Starting with a large bookstore that only had one copy of Twilight and a few of Breaking Dawn (the 4th in the series).  I then ended up searching Kmart, CVS, Walgreens, and a Walmart I’m not really supposed to go into after dark.  No Eclipse! ANYWHERE!!!  C’mon people, share the love!  Help a poor adict out and give her the fix she needs.  Anyone?

UPDATE: SKVDRDB from work found this one for me!!! I can’t thank her enough.


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