Ain’t Science Great

So here’s the latest update.  I’m on this wonderful little pill called Clomid.  Apparently it’s supposed to take a normal woman’s pms symptoms and multiply them by about 5,000!!!  So it’s just been great to be around me let my husband tell ya!

Some of the normal side effects are hot flashes (none of those yet), tender boobies (all clear there too), and being over emotional (we have a winner!).  Yah, it’s been said that V is without three things.  The first is a filter, the second is shame, and the third is… well I forget the third.  But that donesn’t matter because those first two are so magnified right now it’s scary.  Although my friend Blondieberry thinks it’s a riot to hear me go off at work.  And road rage used to be something I thought I had until these little pills started working their hormonal magic.  I’m really glad that I don’t drive with my windows down.  Let’s just keep it at that.

One of the other things I’ve noticed while taking clomid is the dreams.  I have strange dreams anyway but this really makes them seam more real when I finally awaken.  I have to take a few minutes to realize that I am in fact not named Bella and there is no Edward standing in the corner of my room.  Yah, guess what series I’m still reading.

Tonight is the third of five doses.  We shall see how it turns out.  New drugs are fun… sometimes, when I’m not screaming or crying that is.

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