Furthering My Addiction

Like most women I’m a real sucker for a musically inclined guy.   Some ladies prefer drummers, others like the guitar gods, I’m partial to the singers. Always have been.  Guess you can blame that one on my music camp experiences.  (I’ll let your imagination go where it may… it might just be right too.)

Today I had to have a test run in the morning then go back for the results in the afternoon.  This left me about two hours to wander around Hellmart.

I made my laps a few times.  Searching for the clearance section that I never found I kept passing a soundtrack.  As I would slowly wander by pretending to look at other items it kept calling to me in it’s little disky voice.  Hello lady.  I think you need to adopt me.  I know I will make you happy. I knew I had to have it.  First, I had to decide what the possibility of getting said soundtrack for xmas.  Not real likely.  And at once it jumped off the shelf straight into my unsuspecting basket.  Tricky little disk.  Hehe

Now of course that little guy couldn’t wait to strip off his wrapper and jump straight into my waiting cd player once we were in the car.  I was really stunned at how great these songs were.  I couldn’t help but to jump straight to the last song on the disk by Carter Burwell – Bella’s Lullaby.  I don’t know if it’s the lingering meds or what those meds have done to my hormones but I was fighting tears (ok it could be that I read almost all of the last book’s 700+ pages in one sitting yesterday).  I love my repeat button.  Then at a stop sign I took a quick glance at one of the other songs that made me smile only to find that it is sung by Robert (Rob) Pattinson himself!!!  That’s Edward Cullen to you book people out there who haven’t seen the movie.

Now I have to question the sanity of anyone that can see this beautiful man singing and NOT get all mushy inside.  Or, again, it’s probibally just the hormones.


2 thoughts on “Furthering My Addiction

  1. Great post! I’ve avoided the movie (for now) but I know I am going to get roped into seeing it during the holidays. I’ve heard Bella’s lullaby (hello, YouTube, how I love you) and I do like that song, too – but, again, I’m staying away from it because I don’t want to fan the flames of insanity I know lies dormant within me 😉 Plus I have developed an obsession of my own – I’m obsessed with other peoples’ obsession with Twilight, and have been blogging on that. I might start lurking around your blog, for my study, you know *coughs*.

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