Top 5

I was recently wandering around the net.  Jumping from one random blog to another when one of the sites had a post listing the author’s top five famous men she would like to date if she could.  I think I like this idea.  Maybe not date but I would really be ok with being a best friend to these guys. Who am I kidding?  R doesn’t read this. I would date these guys!

Note: after writing all of this out I notice that NONE of these guys are American.  Not a single one.  Hmmm….  Also please note that these really are in no specific order.

Colin FirthI can’t tell you how many times I have seen Bridget Jones’ Diary just to swoon over this devilishly handsome man.  I know I’ll get lashed for this but I’ve seen him in Pride & Prejudice and while HE is fantastic in the movie I just don’t care for it.

James McAvoy

I’ll admit that Atonement is easily one of the worst movies I’ve seen in quite a while.  However I was quite drawn to James McAvoy’s performance.  Only to be equally impressed when I found out he was in Wanted.  Now of course I couldn’t but love him in Becoming Jane.  I wanted to be Jane just to be able to run off with him.

Stuart Townsend

I first fell in love with this hotty in Queen of the Damned.  Only to find him again in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  I can’t really tell you why I love this one… I think it’s his eyes.

Jason Statham- What is there to say really?  He’s the hard rolling Brit you don’t want to mess with.  I’m sure he’s a real nice man.  And that’s all I’ll say on that.

Robert Pattinson-

Yah, like there would be a list like this without him on it.  I love him completely separately from how I love the Twilight series.  I love that he is an all around talented guy.  He sings!!! He plays the guitar!! AND he acts!  What more could a girl want?


One thought on “Top 5

  1. mmm – I’ll take #3 for an appetizer, #4 – main course, and round it off with a delicious #5 for dessert! mmm – Hugh Jackman for a midnight snack and Matthew McConaughey for breakfast!!!

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