Just Enough… ugh!

For those that follow my ramblings on a fairly regular basis know about my new founded passion for Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series.  I’ve read all of the books (rereading them now), seen the movie (more than once), and own several Twilight themed items.  So, you can easily understand how excited I was when I was sent a link to the leaked partial rough draft of the newest in the series Midnight Sun.  It’s a brilliant piece of literature focusing on a deeper character development than the rest of the series.  In it’s simplest form it is a retelling of Twilight from the character Edward’s point of view.  His internal struggles are amazingly well written.  You really do feel sorry for him and it lets a bit of light in on some of his stranger behavior that we could only observe through the main character Bella’s eyes.  Sadly this is a relatively short piece (only 264 pages) but it is worth reading.  I warn you that if you do read this one it will frustrate you to no end that it isn’t complete.

For the official copy go to Stephanie Meyer’s site here. You can also read a little more about what happened in regards to it being leaked.  I hope you all enjoy is as much as I have!  Let me know what you all think once you’re finished reading it.

While I’m waiting for your thoughts I think I’ll continue feeding my addiction.  If you’ll excuse me now please.


2 thoughts on “Just Enough… ugh!

  1. I’ve read and reread it. I think WHEN it’s finished it will be the best of the Twilight books. The best part is going back and reading Twilight with the knowledge you gain from Midnight Sun, and realizing it was all there, like when Bella opens her bedroom window for the first time and is surprised that it opens so easily and quietly. The two books have sort of blended into one more complete story in my head.

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