Top 5 Over 50

Yes, I did it.  I’ve received several emails about my last Top 5 listing telling me I missed some people.  I figure I’ll make a few different kinds of these.  With no further adieu I present to you my top five men over fifty.  Of course there’s no real order to these fellows so don’t ask.  Enjoy!

Liam Neeson

What can I say?  His smile grabs me, his voice holds me close, those fantastic baby blues say all sorts of secret things to me, and I’m pretty much mush after that.  See him in Batman Begins, Kingdom of Heaven, Love Actually, and Rob Roy to name a few.

Sean Connery

Arguably the best Bond ever.  Sir Connery’s classic style and smooth voice can be seen in such movies as Entrapment, The Rock, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and my favorite Medicine Man.

Willem Dafoe

Yes, I know he’s been called the ugliest man in hollywood but I can’t help myself.  I think it’s how he plays his roles.  I was smitten from the first scene in Boondock Saints and equally impressed in the Spiderman movies.

Harrison Ford

I’ve been looking for my own Professor Jones for many many years now… Harrison you are to blame I tell you!

Anthony Hopkins

Yes, I know Hannibal was a bad man but Anthony Hopkins really made this extreme character human.  He is an amazing actor with a voice made of pure silk.  I could listen to him speak for hours and never tire.

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