Top 5… Music Men

Like I’ve said before I’m a huge sucker for guys that sing.  I don’t know how I got this way but I’m really okay with it.  Really.  Some of these gentlemen might surprise you.  As always, there’s no specific order to these blokes.


I really love his acoustic work… or maybe it’s because he’s rumored to practice tantric sex.  Hmmm.

Robert Downey Jr

Yes, he sings!  He has his own album (it’s ok) but the one that really surprised me was his days on Ally McBeal.  He was a regular singing machine on that show.  One of my favorite songs is Smile (the old Charlie Chaplin song).  His version is just amazing.

Harry Connick Jr

When people say “crooner” THIS is who they are talking about… forget Sinatra.  He sings, plays the piano, is Southern, and absolutely adorable!  I’ve just about worn out my copy of Hope Floats because of this man.

Christian Bale

Don’t think Batman sings?  Think again my friends.  Check out a little flick called Newsies.  I’ve loved this guy since before he could grow a full beard.  Really.

Ewan McGregor

Yes, this Jedi master can sing… belt it even.  A favorite of mine is from Moulan Rogue… Cheaters Tango.  His counter melody is amazing.

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