The Great Hair Dabate

While giving poor R a little time to sleep in on xmas morn I came across a yahoo article announcing Robert Pattinson cut his hair.  I had to look.  I like it both ways really.  But reading some of his fans quotes on it they are devastated.  Which makes me wonder if they are sad that Rob cut his hair or that Edward did.

Reality check people… Robert Pattinson plays a character.  You may love the character just the way he is but please realize that the man playing this beloved character is just that… a man.  One that does everything you do.  He laughs, cries, makes the occasional party foul, and farts just like the rest of us.  Yes, I said it.  Rob is not Edward.  Edward is what we call fictional.  Understand that please.  You can love how Rob portrays Edward and you can love Edward but please understand that there is a difference between these two creatures.

Now, for the pictures.



4 thoughts on “The Great Hair Dabate

  1. If those are the only two styles I have to choose from, I pick the short version. I’m not so fond of the “I just got out of bed and didn’t feel like taking 5 seconds to comb my hair” look. I like the length, but perhaps a different do and I’d be all for it.

  2. I like the shorter do. The tousled look is good once in a while. All the time though makes you look lazy. Actually the longer do is good in only one place – bed!

  3. I like it long – thick – oh wait – hair
    Yes I prefer the long hair version however the man can do whatever he wants to his hair – that’s why god created extensions.

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