Pardon My Absence

Classes started again a few weeks ago.  This semester I’m taking Physiology (and it’s lab) and an online Human Development class.  Physiology is turning out to be really quite fun (please note that fun does not mean easy).  The instructor is a local doctor (Dr. P) and really enjoys teaching.  The online class is another matter all together.  This instructor (Dr. A), in my opinion, on the verge of sadism.

After our first week, Dr. A posted information about a paper that would be due.  We were told that it would be no big deal, just a few pages, more details to follow. Yeah, we were duped.  At least that is how it is appearing.

The checklist of items to be covered is roughly 50 different points.  That wouldn’t be too bad except that our assignment this week was to “practice” point by point with a paragraph long story Dr. A’d written.  That in itself isn’t demanding too much.  It’s the responses that he’s leaving to people’s posts that is bothering me.  I give you an example.

This is a nice, brief identification and definition of the id, ego and superego.  Unfortunately most of this information is in the form of unattributed quotes from the class lecture.  Except for a few quotes in each person’s individual paper, most identifications and definitions of terms need to be in your own words.  Also very importantly, when another source is used verbatim you must be clear about this by using quotation marks and identifying the source.

Plagiarism is not permitted in posts in this class.  You may post again.  Be sure to post information that follows the order of the checklist, based on what the post before yours has covered.

I’m ok with his comments on this one… it’s true.  Plagiarism is bad.  Do your own work and don’t try to claim someone else’s work as your own.  But it’s this comment later on that irritates me.  To preface, this student incorrectly identified a part of the personality as ego when it should have been super ego.

Your examples are examples of the superego.

I do appreciate that you took some time to develop and explain your example.  Still, it would be good to post again this week, being sure to post on whatever is next required by the checklist based on the post that appears right before yours (which would have also been a problem with this post since Mr. V posted an example of the id just minutes before you).  I know, just minutes before probably means you two were working on it about the same time.  But when that unfortunately happens, the second person needs to post again on the next item as indicated by the checklist.

So, I get from this you’re stuff is wrong, but good effort, try again since it was wrong, also try again since someone posted just seconds before you on the same thing, bad luck there, do it again. Nice piece of work he’s turning out to be.

So the real project is supposed to be about a scene in a movie between two people.  We get to choose the movie and relate each character’s personality back to Freudian theory.  Fun.  I’m having a hard time picking a movie though.  I thought maybe Silence of the Lambs.  This scene in particular.

Starling and Dr. Lectors first meeting

Starling and Dr. Lector's first meeting

Any other opinions on scenes to use for this paper?  Any help would be much appreciated.


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