A New Series

Since my series of Top 5 men went over so well I will be starting a new series of blogs for you all to enjoy.  Since school is taking up more of my time than I’m used to and work is getting really not pleasant (anti-depressants are involved) I thought that a few times a week it would be good to think about the little things that make me happy.  It couldn’t hurt to raise the spirits at least!

So the first thing that makes me happy was my breakfast treat today.  Since I’m working Saturday I got to take today off.  Errands were run, studying was done, and blogging is taken care of.  This is my little taste of happiness today…

My friends… let me tell you about a chai latte.  Chai is classically a heavily spiced tea.  Usually it’s darjeeling tea with heavy amounts of cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger.  Now, add that to hot steamed milk and you have the latte part.  It is like a warm hug!  I love it… really.  It isn’t something that I get very often so maybe that is why it is so highly favored.  No idea.  I just know it’s good and I got to have one today.  Maybe if I’m really good I’ll get another after class tonight.

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