Remember that paper for my human development class I told you about a month ago?  Well it’s finally finished (all 5 pages and 2000 words worth)!  I decided after thinking more about it that the scene shouldn’t be from Silence of the Lambs since most of the concepts I had to use were based on childhood development.  Well, that and I could just see this teacher (I’ve come to start calling him Simon from American Idol) ripping the paper apart since Lector isn’t within the mental norm and therefore wouldn’t be a good example of any of the concepts.  Idiot.  Oh well.  This is what I chose after finally realizing that it’s DUE TUESDAY!!!!  I picked the scene where Ariel is in her treasure cave and Triton come and flips out about her saving a human.

Now, let’s see what Simon says about it.  I think it’s a solid A… maybe A- so in Simon terms that should be a…. C?  Who knows.  I’ll update you when I get the grade.

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