The Grade is IN!

So, I turned in that nightmare of a paper to Prof Simon last week and less than twelve hours later I found an email telling me that it had been graded.  First, I had to remind myself that my heart didn’t belong in my throat.  A few good breaths placed it back in my chest where it belongs.  Second, I couldn’t decide if I was more excited or terrified to find out my grade.  After all this is the same guy that seemingly gets his rocks off from telling well-meaning students that the work they’ve done isn’t remotely close to accurate.

After some consideration about waiting to see my grade until after work (not certain that I could take the criticism without some tears) I decided I couldn’t stand to wait all day.  ONE… TWO… THREE… OPEN!

It’s a 90% but I’ll take it!  He’s actually offering people the chance to rewrite their papers to try to get higher grades.  I politely told him that I would pass on his offer and accept the 90 happily.  Nice!


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