What Could This Mean?

Friday night I crashed early.  We’re talking the sun has barely gone down super early.  I worked an earlier shift and was home by about 4:00 and R followed in the door a few minutes behind me.  We had an early dinner and started a movie.  About twenty minutes from the end I looked up at him and asked if we could go to bed when the movie was over.  After he looked at the time he shook his head and laughed at me.  Telling me that the sun wasn’t down all the way yet so it was too early to go to bed.  I took this information, curled up on the couch with my head in his lap, and proceeded to fall asleep. Yes, I listen well.

Several hours later he wakes me up just to tell me it’s finally time for bed.  YEAH!  Finally in my bed.  New cozy sheets and everything (we’re talking Martha Stewart 500 count cotton sheets baby).  I wake some time after about 9 (no idea how the dogs slept that long) to realize I’ve had a really strange dream.  Maybe someone can help me figure out if it means anything or if I’m just a crazy dreamer.

I clearly remember going through some papers Mom had left out for me.  Sorting through the papers I found something about a copy of my birth certificate.  Only to find that my birthday that I’ve known since I was little wasn’t the same day.  It was almost a month later.  I was in a panic.  I confronted Mom but she didn’t tell me much.  Just that it had to be done.  I wasn’t mad that I had been lied to or that it had been changed but that it made me a different astrological sign.  I was no longer the artistic and spirited Pisces that I’ve embraced so fully.  I was now a hard evidence driven Aries.  Blech!  So not me at all.  So in my dream I decided to keep the day that I had used all of my life as my birthday and hope no one found out about the real day.

Any ideas?  Yes, I know my dreams are pretty off the wall but this one bugged me for some reason.  Oh well.  18 days and counting till my bday but that hasn’t really mattered much now that I’m an “adult”.  Oh well.


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