Birthday Hapenings

Yes, that’s right.  I’m another birthday closer to 30.  No big deal… unless you ask my little sister.  For my big day I received a completely fab…. virus.  Yup, I’m sick on my birthday.  It’s the can’t-hear-wish-my-head-would-just-explode-instead-of-just-sneezing kind of fun.  So after a trip to the casinos with my MIL I decided to stop in one of the totally convenient Minute Clinics.   The nurse I saw was really fun.  I’m not kidding.  She was really energetic and full of good advise.  So after that I went home and crashed in bed. 

The next morning my mom came by and we went shopping.  Where I found these completely comfy scrubs.  They’re based on the show Grey’s Anatomy.  Mind you I’ve never seen the show but let me tell you.  These scrubs are so soft it’s like wearing your favorite pair of pjs all day.  Now add that to working in a super hot sauna (ac is dead… or really close to death) and these are a godsend!

After work today (yes I’m at work today) I’ll be at Button’s house for a birthday game night with friends.  I’m looking forward to it.  Have a good weekend all!

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