New Project… Maybe?

Here’s the short list of things I have on my plate at the moment. Some are new and others not so much. I have two dogs, a husband that is in and out 24/7 (gotta love being a small business owner), I’m a home owner, I work my fab 40 hours a week, I take a class at the local college (physiology isn’t for wimps), and there’s the online class I have a ton of work for each week.  Add all of that to keeping up with errands and friends so no one thinks I’ve died from lack of communication and you have a frazzled version of me.

Now, I’m not complaining in the least.  I’ve just been itching to start a new (and very large) project.  One that will take a huge amount of time and concentration.  Here’s my question to all of you.  At what point do you delve into what you really want to do knowing that some of what you need to do might become less important by doing so?  I need suggestions people.


One thought on “New Project… Maybe?

  1. I’ve been trying all week to decide which answer to give, so I’ll give both. Here’s my two cents:

    Cent one : Of all the things you have in your life right now, what are you most willing to sacrafice in order to start the project? Now think about how much time that thing takes up. Is that enough time for the project?

    Cent two : You’re human so regardless of best intentions, odds are pretty darn good that your schooling would end up suffering. Is there any reason why your project couldn’t wait until after you finish with school?

    If, however, you want a cut and dry answer from me instead of a “buddah-esq” answer, I would say if you choose to start this project, your real friends will understand being neglicted for a little while.

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