Greatest Thing Ever?… We’ll See

I hate to admit this but due to several excuses reasons over the last few months my little family has become quite the fast food junkies.  I’m talking we could rival the guy on Fast Food Nation.  Let me tell you my waistline is a testament to why this is a bad thing.  Now, I’m not going to bore you with the reasons that this has happened just know that they are completely valid (mostly).

Now, what are we going to do about this you ask.  Since there still isn’t enough time in the day to provide a healthy and cost effective meal plan when you’re planning meals for a man who may or may not be home long enough to eat said meal as well as a woman who has more time at the library than in her home most nights… I present what I’m calling Plan B (no not the birth control Plan B you dirty monkeys).

Enter Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating program.  This is a 3 meal a day, 7 days a week provided meal plan.  I don’t have to cook or shop for that matter.  It averages 1200 calories a day and I’ve seen these meals up close… they look pretty tasty.  And for just over $6 a meal it’s a much better deal than any fast food place.  The best part is that there is a location on my way home that I can pick up the food (you only do that twice a week).  It’s fresh food that’s never been frozen.  I don’t get to start until April 6 so we’ll see how it goes.  I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ll try to take pics of the food and keep everyone up to date on any weight lost on this thing.

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