Simon Strikes Again

Professor Simon Cowell (no, not his real name) posted the topic for our second paper.  If you’ll remember his first paper was rather scary.  It was huge.  If you haven’t had a chance to read it you can find it here.  So as a follow up to that nightmare I was expecting something similar in dificulty.  Boy was I surprised.  I logged onto the class site to find this.

Imagine that you discover that you will die within the next few months.

Write at least one paragraph on each of these three questions:
a) What experiences in your life were the most important to you?
b) What priorities would you change if you could live your life over?
c) How would you want to spend your last few months?

Really?  Ok.  Easy enough.  Or so I thought until I started actually plotting how to do the paper.  Once I started writing it just flowed out.  This was a pretty interesting paper.  Here’s what I turned in.  I’m rather happy with out it turned out but I’m also still waiting for a grade.

Update: The grade is in… 100%.  WOW!


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