A Contest!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a contest around here.  I figured that with finals next week we needed a bit of fun.  Here’s the idea… make a caption for the picture below.  Simple enough.  Now remember to leave your submission as a comment.  You have until May 25 at noon.  The winner will be announced the next day.

Come on guys!  This has been up for a week and there’s only TWO entries?  Trust me the prize is really worth it.  For those that would like to comment and don’t have the privilege of living in the center of the US the prize CAN be shipped… internationally even if it comes to it.  So… what’s stopping you.  It can be dirty, funny, cute.  If you don’t post it you won’t win.

3 thoughts on “A Contest!

  1. “Let’s see, dominate trait, recessive, recessive, dominant. Wait a second! My daddy really is the Milk Man!!! MOOOMMM!!!”

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