Did I Really Do That?

In a time of automation I think we forget how far we’ve come.  When I was young we didn’t have the internet, we were still using huge satellites for the best television, and Sega was only a bit better than Nintendo.  Now, I don’t know if it was because of the technology that surrounds us or my seemingly constant state of sleepdeprevation that the story I’m about to share with you happened.  Either way it made me laugh at myself.

After a long day at work I found myself at school.  Just in time to drop off my bags and make a pit stop before lecture started.  I headed into the ladies room.  I proceeded into a stall and did what you do in bathroom stalls.  After standing and putting myself back together I turned and my only thought was “why isn’t this toilet flushing?”  I actually stood there for a moment looking at the silly thing.  Only to notice that it was not the kind of toilet I have become accustomed to that flushes itself when you stand.  Nope, this was an “old” model that you actually have to press the handle to flush.  In the same bathroom there is an automated soap dispenser, automatic faucet on the sink, and a sensor in the paper towel dispenser.  So, again I say did I miss this one piece of antiquity because of the surrounding technology or because of my lack of sleep?  The world may never know.


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