I’m a Big Kid Now

6:30 this morning

Why is it that the longer and harder your day at work the more you must get done at home?  I found out yesterday that our long awaited bed would arrive “sometime between 8am and 5:30pm” today.  Isn’t that great how they narrow down the time of delivery like that?  Customer service awards should be handed out to these places.  After cleaning like a tasmanian devil through my house a light dusting and vacuuming the house was ready for delivery.




Our new big kid bed

Finally we have our bed.  It’s great.  So off to the furniture store to purchase the pillow protectors (since both the pillows and the mattress are essentially sponges the warranty requires they be protected against stains and buggies).  We already have the mattress protector so I only need the ones for the pillows. 

I really love a well stocked store.  At least I think I would if I ever went into one.  Yes, that’s right. They were out.  I ordered two and expect to pick them up July 11.  Yeah, eighteen days from now.  Highly efficient I would say.  Oh well.  It took three weeks to get the bed so I guess this isn’t that bad.


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