It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere

Being a brunet is great… most of the time.  We tend to stand out (not as well as a true red head but they’re like four leaf clovers) in the throngs of blonds.  There are a few drawbacks as any cocoa coiffed coed will tell you.  One is that greys stand out more (duh white on dark makes a statement only a bottle can fix) and another is that we can get a 5 o’clock shadow straight out of the shower.  There, I said it.  It’s not pretty.

Now, this may be fashionable for men to tote on their face.  Under a lady’s arm… let’s say that fashionable isn’t quite the right word for it.  Enter our friend wax. 

I tried waxing my underarms this weekend after a friend told me she did it and it was the best thing ever (and her sister does it professionally from her home).  Oh, how can I pass this up?  After a week (yes, a whole week) of gross not shaving I was excited to give this waxing business a try.

Having done my eyebrows many times I was aware what it might feel like and honestly I was a bit worried that I would ball like a baby when it came right down to it.  Boy, was I surprised!  It really didn’t hurt.  Ok, well it hurt much less than brows do by far!  I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t completely converted after just one try. 

Seriously people this woman is an artist.  I did my brows and under my arms for $25.  A steal I say.  Now, I’m expecting everyone to email me for her name and phone number.  Help put this amazing woman through school, folks.


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