Weekend Project

Since this was a nice three day weekend for the holiday I decided to start on a project that has been bothering me for a while now.  I always tell people that R and I don’t watch television except for our DVDs (it’s the economy really).  When they ask how many movies we have I was only ever able to tell them that when we moved I had three boxes of clothes and seven boxes of movies.  Well since there was no real order to things other than R’s “recently watched” stack I decided that this needed to be remedied.  Button came over with some software that reads the bar codes and makes a list of all of the movies.  We only did the DVD collection.  The VHS collection is much much smaller.  The DVDs alone numbered in at a whopping 778… until R noticed that we had missed two… a grand total of 780.  So, if you average that each movie is an hour and forty five minutes that’s 1365 HOURS of viewing time!!!  Guess that means we don’t really have a need for cable, now does it?


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