Pleasing Purse

If you ask my husband I have too many purses.  Not like most women and the shoe collections I hear about.  Mind you these aren’t the super expensive brand name kinds.  They’re just the Hellmart Tarjay kind but still.  I found one the other day I knew I needed.  Actually to be honest my mom found one and I had to have my own.  You’ve seen the infomercial about the insert that has all of the pockets that you place in the purse to organize it?

This new find actually has a version of the organizer inside already.  It’s attached so I don’t have to worry about pulling it out when I go to grab something.  See.  I know it’s a bit hard to make it all out but trust me it’s great.  AND 30% off!  So for under $20 I think this is a real find.  You can find your own at Kmart.  The brand it Butler Essentials by Jen Groover.

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