Squeeky Clean Ants

If you live in the central US you understand about the ants this time of year.  It seems that about April or so all of the ants in the area get the memo that it’s time to start hunting out new digs.  Meaning… my house, my neighbors’ houses, and many many others in the area.  No, it’s not because our houses are dirty.  It’s because the little biters can’t build the same kind of houses we can and they’re jealous.  No, I really don’t know why they do it but from about April through the first freeze (sometime in October) we have unwanted house guests.  I can’t stand to spend money on the bug man to come after them.  I tried it and they’re still around… so lost money in my eyes.  Here’s what the bug man told me works just as well…

I kid you not.  He said that Windex kills ants on the spot.  Now that every little speck I see around the house turns into ants in my eyes I’m armed and ready baby!  Bring it on… I have gallons!


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