Excited and Nervous

So excited to show you all my new baby. 

She’s a 2008 Dodge Avenger SE.  I picked her up last night.  Here’s my favorite part about her so far (other than she’s not a mini van)…


Maybe this is why Mom keeps calling me “rum runner”.  Hmmm could be a good name for the car.  Other ideas?

Now here’s what makes me nervous… I’ve never had a car payment.  Not that it’s any different from any other bill.  Just that I’ve never had one before.  Just gives me a really good reason to actually stick to a budget.  Button (and Dave Ramsey) is going to help me with that tomorrow.  Should be interesting.

"Gas $89" what year was this made?!?


2 thoughts on “Excited and Nervous

  1. So a name….

    It is a Dodge, but not as powerful as a Charger so it can’t rank as high as the General Lee….Sargent York?

    Or we could go with a comic book reference…it is an “Avenger” after all…Thor? Captain America?

    Actually, the “Captain America” thing might not be bad in light of the government bailout to Chrysler. You could simply call it “Steve” as a reference to the Capt’n’s alter ego; Steve Rogers. 😉

    Or something more generic…

    Silver bullet?

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