Here’s the Skinny

As you know I’m working on progressing through the steps to get approved for lap band surgery.  Prior to these last few months I never realized how many things have to fall in line before surgery can happen.

  1. Attend bariatric seminar/ info session
  2. Fill out 9 pages of history and mail to surgeon’s office
  3. Arrange five years of medical records to be mailed to surgeon’s office
  4. Meet with surgeon
  5. Meet with psychologist
  6. Meet with Dietitian
  7. Follow up meeting with psychologist
  8. Surgeon’s office sends in approval paperwork to insurance
  9. Second meeting with surgeon (once insurance approves surgery)
  10. Have labs drawn
  11. Take a bariatric class on what to expect at hospital and shortly after surgery

I’ve heard of twelve step programs but this is intense.  I’ve completed the steps in red so far.  I have my follow up appointment with the psychologist and the dietitian on the same day in a few weeks.  So, I’m progressing through the steps faster than I expected.  Now, I’m still really  butterflies-in-my-tummy kind of nervous about getting this done but I also know that this will be the best thing I could do. 

Unlike most people the little voice in my head that is supposed to tell me that I’m full is easily quieted (with duct tape sometimes).  So the thought is that if you over eat you get sick… so no amount of duct tape will convince me that an extra bite here or there is worth getting sick. 

I have a tentative surgery target for the first part of November.  Yes, that’s right.  Just in time for the holidays.  Not that I planned it that way but it looks like that is how it will work out.  I’m ok with it I think.  I’m not a huge fan of turkey so that’s not a big deal.  As for the Yule holiday hopefully I’ll be past the mushy food phase and be able to at least have some solid foods. 

Oh that’s the other part that I’m a bit nervous about… the weeks after surgery are going to be no solid foods.  The first week is broth and clear liquids only.  Then week two (sometimes also week three) is things you can get through a straw (like pured soups), and week three (four?) is mushy foods… think mushed bananas and the like.  So now you see how holiday time might be a struggle.  Again… one I think is worth the hardship.

I'll have a pic like this some day


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