Money, Money, Money

So often I find myself looking for proof before I’ll believe something.  Whether it be a review on a product or a testimonial for a company.  I like to see that something has worked before I jump on the bandwagon.  This is the case with my latest endeavour.  


Meet Dave Ramsey.  To listen to this man you would think he’s a bit maniacal and his methods are, in the words of my friend Chaser, “simple”.  Now unlike so many people out there I don’t have any credit cards.  I learned my lesson during my divorce with that one.  However I do seem to have a hard time making all of my money stretch for all of our bills.  By bills I’m talking about utilities, mortgage, and other things like that. 

As mentioned previously I don’t like to join the bandwagon of things I haven’t seen proven to work.  Let me share a short story with you as to why I finally decided to plunge into Dave Ramsey’s program.

Two of my very best friends are married.  He wanted to go back to school and start a new career.  Together they have quite a bit of school loans and their living arrangements are not what they really want.  They’ve been following the “simple” principles that Dave teaches for almost two years and have not only made their money stretch they have somehow saved enough to have an emergency fund for their emergency fund.  That’s proof enough for me that it can work. 

Starting tomorrow (since it’s pay day around here) I will be following the Ramsey Financial Peace University program for budgeting.  I’ve got my  list of what gets paid out of this check as well as what gets to be saved.  OH!  And of course my allowance- a girl’s got to have a little fun (ok so more like a very little fun)!

I’m going to be doing this for the next three months as a test run.  I’m sure that it will be a good thing for my family.  After all, I’ve seen the results.


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