Dancing at the Mail Box

It’s official.  I have insurance approval for the surgery!  For those that are unaware the nightmare of an insurance company it is very much like trying to make a phone call on a phone that has no battery.  You do a lot of talking but no one hears you.  So for this to not only have worked in my favor but in such a short time is about as mind blowing as the government actually functioning well. 

I was told that the paperwork would be submitted on 9/3/09 (the Thursday before Labor day) and I received my approval letter dated 9/8/09 (the day after Labor day).  I’m still stunned. 

So now my little to do list looks like this…

  1. Attend bariatric seminar/ info session
  2. Fill out 9 pages of history and mail to surgeon’s office
  3. Arrange five years of medical records to be mailed to surgeon’s office
  4. Meet with surgeon
  5. Meet with psychologist
  6. Meet with Dietitian — appointment 9/23
  7. Follow up meeting with psychologist — appointment 9/23
  8. Surgeon’s office sends in approval paperwork to insurance — APPROVED
  9. Second meeting with surgeon – appointment 9/22 
  10. Have labs drawn — appointment 9/17
  11. Take a bariatric class on what to expect at hospital and shortly after surgery — appointment 9/17
  12. SURGERY — 9/30

This still doesn’t seem real yet.  I liken it to planning a wedding.  You work hard to pull it all off only to sit back after it’s finished to say “wow, I’m actually married.”


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